The Hunslet Club January Newsletter 2023

Welcome to The Hunslet Club January Newsletter 2023! This little newsletter is our way of spreading recent news and mentioning exciting new developments for February 2023. Here you can catch up on everything we did and achieved in January 2023. Our newsletter comes out at the start of each month, and you can read our previous newsletter here. 

Brand new timetable 

1st January 2023 

We kicked off the new year with a new timetable with some brand-new sessions! Everything we do revolves around the community, which is why we have added sessions that we know our young people would like, along with a brand new session tailored to adults to assist with all their fitness goals. 

Check out our full timetable here. 

TikTok Dance Class 

5th January 2023 

We had our first-ever TikTok dance class this month, and we had an incredible turnout. You either love or hate TikTok, but we can all appreciate how happy learning a new dance can benefit our young people. 

It is more than just a dance, though; it is about building confidence, staying active and making new friends. It was lovely to see our young people help each other learn moves, involving new young people who haven’t been to the club before and having fun. 

We also want to thank our phenomenal dance coach, Cherry Crosby, who brings so much confidence, acceptance and energy into each dance class. She led our Tik Tok dance class with the same passion and commitment she brings to every other session she does at The Hunslet Club. We applaud her for her never-ending dedication, talent and boundless energy. 

New Boxteq Session 

9th January 2023 


We have another new session at The Hunslet Club, this time for the adults. Our Boxteq session kicked off on Monday, 9th January and proved popular in the local community. Our Boxteq sessions are on Mondays, from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm and focus on footwork, bag work, defence work and boxing technique.

Veganuary in our junior youth club 

9th January 2023 – 22nd January 2023

Veganuary is an annual occurrence run by a UK non-profit organisation that promotes veganism by educating people about the benefits and alternative food options they can try. 

Inspired by this concept, our youth workers decided to follow vegan recipes in our junior youth club from 9th January until 22nd January. The idea wasn’t to get every young people to become vegan. Instead, we wanted to introduce alternative ways to make recipes that our young people may or may not enjoy. 

Throughout these two weeks, our young people made: 

  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Vegan Brownies
  • Vegan Pancakes  

They had fun making each recipe, learning about ingredients they had never seen before, such as flax seeds and listening to our youth workers as they explained the concept of veganism. 

British Red Cross Guest Speaker 

11th January 2023  

Olivia from British Red Cross visited our senior and junior youth clubs in January 2023. In our junior youth club, she talked about the challenges young people may face, how they can handle them and who they can turn to during challenging moments. She encouraged our young people to write down different global, national, local and personal challenges to see how each one affects the other. Olivia talked about each challenge and coping mechanisms our young people could use. 

In our senior youth club, Olivia delivered a first-aid course and brought ‘Ron’ her helpful CPR dummy, to show our young people what to do in an emergency.

British Red Cross - Guest Speaker
Group discussion about the challenges young people may face

Thank you again to Olivia for coming to talk to our young people and delivering two fantastic sessions. She is an asset to the British Red Cross. 

Youth Volunteer Programme Open Night 

18th January 2023 

One of our youth workers organised a youth volunteer open night in January to encourage young people to volunteer at The Hunslet Club. The night went well, with young people asking questions and listening to our youth workers about the expectations and benefits of volunteering. 

Now, we have a few senior youth club members who volunteer and help in our junior youth club. Volunteering is a fantastic way to improve communication, team building and problem-solving skills.

Girls under 12’s girl’s rugby league 

18th January 2023 

Hunslet ARLFC created a new girls’ rugby team, which started on Wednesday, 18th January 2023!

Rugby League - under 12s girls
Under 12’s Girls Rugby League

Foodbank Drop-Off Points

29th January 2023

The first foodbank drop-off points went live in January. Kindness goes a long way; you never know who your donation could help. The community has always been at the heart of everything we do; therefore, we want to give back as much as possible, and we know our community will help with that goal. 

Thank you, Leeds South and East Foodbank, for the collection cage, which will be at The Hunslet Club on the last Sunday of each month. Come along and donate goods such as conditioner, shampoo, carrier bags, toilet rolls, washing-up liquid and more. 

List of most needed donations
Most needed donation items

U7s Tournament at West Ridings

29th January 2023 

Well done to our U7s who participated in a tournament at West Ridings in January. We love seeing our young people having fun during a tournament, as it is a great way to make friends and practice their skills. 

U7s who participated in a tournament at West Ridings
U7s who participated in a tournament at West Ridings

Superstar Young Members in 2023 

Each month our coaches select a young member from each activity to acknowledge their hard work, effort, commitment and determination. They select football development players of the month from each team, boxers of the month, standout youth club members and more. You can check out which members received this achievement on our Facebook page each month

Volunteer Spotlight

In our Hunslet Club January Newsletter 2023 we are shining the spotlight on Rhodri Cook. Volunteering for about three years at The Hunslet Club, Rhodri Cook ensures every football session he coaches is fun. His positive attitude brightens up any session! His passion for volunteering stems from someone important in his life – you can read the full story on our volunteering spotlight page here.

If you want more information about our volunteer opportunities, head over to our Volunteer Facebook page, or you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

What’s next: 

Can you help? 

As mentioned in our Hunslet Club January Newsletter 2023, we have had some amazing guest speakers. Our guest speakers come into our youth clubs to give presentations and practical sessions to our young people. Please contact our team today if you or your company would like to come in and talk to our young people about something that can benefit them.