The Hunslet Club December Newsletter 2022

Welcome to The Hunslet Club December Newsletter! This little newsletter is our way of spreading our recent news and mentioning exciting new developments in January 2023. Here you can catch up on everything we did and achieved in December 2022. Our newsletter comes out at the start of each month, and you can read our previous newsletter here

Annual Children’s Christmas Party 2022 

Sunday, 4th December 2022 

We kicked off the new month with a free Christmas party for our local South Leeds Community! 

It was heart-warming to see the smiles on everyone’s faces. Whether they were visiting Santa, decorating a wooden bauble or getting their face painted by our amazing volunteers.

You can check out more details about our fantastic Christmas Party thanks to the article on South Leeds Life; read it here.

Youth Club Social Action Project 

Friday, 9th December 2022

On 9th December, our youth club brought the community together in a new way by hosting a Christmas dinner for local care home residents. 

Our young people greeted our guests, served Christmas dinner and helped with bingo games. Our guests were treated to a dance performance, which brought a tear to many eyes. The Hunslet Rogues sang a song from their upcoming Disney showcase. Our senior youth club unexpectedly sang a Christmas song before everyone joined in on the singing. 

It was a rewarding experience to see how our young people grew in confidence throughout the night as they went from nervous to engaging with the guests. 

We have so much to learn from each other, and events like this can help people who wouldn’t normally interact, talk and get to know each other. 

After the success of this event and seeing how much everyone benefited from this social action project, including our team, we will be hosting another event like this in 2023. 

Read more details about the event here

The Hunslet Rogues Fundraiser 

Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December 2022 

The Hunslet Club Rogues put on a phenomenal performance in December! The Rogues put on a Disney-sing-a-long fundraiser, with all proceeds going to Dean’s family, a friend of the Rogues who loved Disney. 

The performance was phenomenal, and it was a pleasure to see weeks of hard work come together to create an outstanding show. Looking around at the audience each night, you could see the pride of parents/guardians brimming over as they watched their children on stage giving it their all. 

We cannot wait to see the next performance the Hunslet Rogues put on next at The Hunslet Club. 

Junior Youth Club Christmas Party 

Thursday, 15th December 2022 

Music, laughter, food and a lot of dancing happened at our Junior Youth Club Christmas Party. Our youth workers organised party food and a collection of party games! We played pass-the-parcel and stick the nose on the reindeer, to name a few. 

Every face had a smile on as our youth workers started a conga line, followed by a series of dances and singing. Each young people had access to free party food, which was set up by our fantastic youth workers. 

We feel proud that we could create Christmas memories for every young person who visited us over the festive period. 

We really want to thank our fantastic team of youth workers who put this Christmas Party together. Not only did our youth workers prepare the party food, put together the entertainment for the evening, and ensure everyone was happy, they joined in with the Christmas fun. 

Senior Youth Club Christmas Party 

Friday, 16th December 2022 

We couldn’t have a Christmas party in the junior youth club without having one in the Senior youth club! Our senior youth club Christmas party was a more sophisticated affair, with dancing and pizza! The pizza, wedges, and chocolate didn’t last long, so it was lucky we bought a few pizzas for the evening.

It’s been a year of highs and lows, with each young person having individual struggles. We feel proud that we can provide a fun and safe place for young people to just be kids, regardless of their background. When they come to our youth clubs, everyone is equal, and we focus on supporting them in the best way we can. 

December Christmas Activity Camp 

Monday 19th – Friday 23rd December 2022 

It wouldn’t be Christmas at The Hunslet Club without our annual December Christmas Activtiy Camp. Our Christmas Activity Camp ran from December 19th 2022, until December 23rd 2022. 

With the support of Healthy Holidays, we had young people come through our doors ready to have fun, make new friends and enjoy some delicious food! 

Throughout the week, our activity camp engaged in different activities! We had football, dodgeball, arts and crafts, dance, baking, hair and beauty sessions, and more! We had a series of games, and our youth workers ensured everyone had a festive time! 

What’s Next? 

We have a lot planned for January, including new sessions: 

  • We have a new Sunday Senior Youth Club starting on 8th January, from 2:30 pm until 6 pm
  • Due to popular demand, we are starting a Tik Tok Dance Class on Thursdays for ages 8+
    • we have a new Tik Tok account with the latest behind-the-scenes footage at The Hunslet Club
  • For the adults, we are starting Boxteq sessions on 9th January, from 6:30 pm until 7:30 pm

We also have a brand new timetable for 2023, with a few minor changes, including the new sessions mentioned above.