Hunslet Club Community Homes

The Hunslet Club launched a social housing project ‘Hunslet Club Community Homes’ in 2013. During this projects we purchased properties that were empty or in need of renovation from private owners, landlords or the local authority. The properties were then renovated by experienced tradesman. After, we were able to create partnerships with other businesses to ensure the properties were energy efficient and environmentally sound.

The Hunslet Club currently has approximately 2500 members; many of our members (82%) live in South Leeds. A large percentage of members families live in council housing or private rented accommodation. Some of our members have complained about the poor condition of their homes or that they are housed in an undesirable area. Many of our members have only recently arrived in the UK. Moreover, they are still waiting for permanent homes or have a property of poor standard.

Families of club members, that are in sub standard housing or on a housing waiting list are encouraged to apply when properties become available for rental. We hope to take on more projects like this in the future if we are able to find further funding and support to do so.

Click the link below to view South Leeds Life Article on Hunslet Club Community Homes – May 2015