Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight

Welcome to our volunteer spotlight section on our website. Here we will share the people behind the scenes of the club; we went to show you the people that make The Hunslet Club function.

The Hunslet Club is the community hub that it is because of the hard work of our staff and volunteers. We are thankful for the team of people who come through our doors and help with our activity sessions, youth clubs and events.

With so many people to be thankful for, we wanted to create a page entirely dedicated to our team of volunteers; no matter the length of time they have been with us, we wanted to shine the spotlight on them.

We will be putting the spotlight on our amazing volunteers by sharing information about them and why they wanted to give their time to the club.

If you want more information about our volunteer opportunities, head over to our Volunteer Facebook page, or you can contact our Volunteer Coordinator at alex.erdinc@hunsletclub.org.uk.

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