The Hunslet Club Kit

The Hunslet Club Kit and other apparel is available at O’neills Sports:

We have a wide range of sportswear, as well as casual attire available for purchase. This is also the most effective way to purchase your kit for any team. At events where our attendees are representing our club, we love to see people proudly wearing The Hunslet Club logo. Proceeds from this clothing will also contribute to our club funding, so it is also a great way to support us.

You can now also access our shop through Facebook with our ‘shop now’ button. This gives you easy access to the website and a look our collections as outfits and our favorite and features products.

‘Shop Now’ With Our Facebook Button

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Visit the O’Neills Website to get your kit now.


For information on all other information about kits and clothing for all other sessions. Visit our activities page: