The Hunslet Club November Newsletter 2022

Welcome to The Hunslet Club November Newsletter 2022! This newsletter is our way of spreading our recent news and also mentions our events for December! Here you can catch up on everything we did and achieved in November. Our newsletter comes out at the beginning of each month, and you can check our previous newsletter here. 

First-Aid session in the senior youth club

We started the month off strong on November 1st with a visit from the Street Doctors. These Street Doctors gave a first aid talk to our senior youth club. The talk was about what to do if someone is bleeding out. This educational talk is beneficial for further learning and provides a hands-on learning experience. We hope talks like this help inspire our young people, and maybe they may pursue a career in healthcare if it interests them.

The Street Doctors joined our senior youth club again on November 15th to discuss what to do if someone is unconscious. This educational first-aid session offered insight into clear steps that the senior youth club should take if they encounter someone who is unconscious. 

Firework safety talks 

During the run-up to bonfire night, we wanted to ensure that our young people understood the dangers of bonfire night. Our fantastic youth workers gave educational talks to our young people to build on the previous presentation given by the West Yorkshire Police. They talked about the dangers of fireworks, bonfire night and playing on the streets at this time of year. 

While bonfire night is a time for community, we wanted to ensure that our young people knew to stay cautious, vigilant and safe. We also made sure to share safety posters provided by the West Yorkshire Police to help with safety.

Our spectacular fireworks display

After the success of the 2021 fireworks display, all hands were on deck for this year’s spectacular display. Over 1,200 people attended our fireworks display, and we were happy to bring the community together once again. 

Our fireworks event featured a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, The Hunslet Club Pod for more food and drinks. Inside, we had a candy floss machine, face painting stall and refreshments. 

The fireworks illuminated the sky, with the crowd standing in awe at the fantastic display, thanks to our phenomenal team. 

West Yorkshire Police Talk 

On Monday, November 7th, a representative from West Yorkshire Police – Louise Poole – came back into our senior youth club to give a talk to our young people. She discussed both the concept of peer pressure and child-on-child exploitation. While this was an uncomfortable topic, it was a needed discussion, and Louise handled it with grace. 

The talk discussed what to do if young people felt uncomfortable in a situation, who they could turn to and what signs they should look for if they are uncomfortable. Our youth clubs provide young people with the tools they need to thrive, and talks like this provide useful insight into how to handle the world. We are proud of how our young people handled this talk and how they asked follow-on questions and engaged with Louise in a mature and responsible manner. 

Youth Work Week 

Monday, November 7th, until Sunday, November 13th, marked Youth Work Week. The theme of Youth Work Week 2022 was Festival of Youth Work, which aimed to celebrate Youth Workers and their continuous commitment and impact.

Youth Work Week is an annual celebration organised by the National Youth Agency. The Hunslet Club wanted to join in with the celebrations because we are incredibly proud of our team of youth workers. We are always blown away by them as they turn up each day with enthusiasm, positivity and boundless amounts of energy. 

We celebrated by sitting down with two of our youth workers to get some insight into their roles in The Hunslet Club

Monday Evening Project 

Our Monday Evening Project participants are on their way to becoming young professionals in their chosen subjects. They have shown commitment and dedication to learning through their studies. 

Each young person has made strides in their learning during November, and we are proud to see how committed they are and how their confidence is growing. We cannot wait to see them achieve their qualification in catering, mechanics, or hair and beauty. 

We could only run the Monday Evening Project because of the Hunslet Cricket Football and Athletic Club Trust, who have provided funding to run this course, along with our new Sunday junior youth club. 

Hunslet Club Parkside and the Hunslet Warriors Merger 

The biggest news of November for The Hunslet club, however, has to be The Hunslet Club Parkside and the Hunslet Warriors merger. These two proud clubs will join forces to become Hunslet ARLFC in 2023. 

We all know the intense rivalry between the two, both on the field and off, and we know those stories will stay alive as we move forward, and they should! Let every generation know the journey and keep the stories alive. 

But this merger happened for one main reason – young people. No matter what colour we wear, what badge we have, or what name we use, we can all agree that we want what is best for the young people in South Leeds. We want them to succeed and have the chances others have, and we strongly believe this merger will help do that. 

Some of the greatest amateur and professional players have come from these two proud South Leeds Clubs, and together, we plan to nurture more. Together we can give the young people of South Leeds better opportunities. 

Volunteer Spotlight 

This month we want to focus on Donna Hall for our volunteer spotlight, who is the backbone of our youth clubs. Her passion for helping young people shines through in everything she does, and after reading about her journey, you will understand why. 

Donna’s continuous dedication to not only her role but The Hunslet Club as a whole is incredible to witness. Check out the full volunteer spotlight here

Thank you 

The Hunslet Club wants to thank our local community, staff and volunteers for making November such a memorable month. We could not do half of these events in The Hunslet Club November Newsletter without your dedication.

Special recognition and thanks to the Hunslet Cricket Football and Athletic Club Trust. This trust has stepped in to offer financial support. The help they offer ensures we can provide our Monday Evening Project to young people wanting to obtain a nationally recognised vocational qualification. Their funding is also why we can run our new Sunday Junior Youth Club. 

What’s next? 

We have a lot happening in December: