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Welcome to our May/ June newsletter, your go-to source for all things happening at the Hunslet Club. As we get closer to Summer, let’s take a moment to reflect on the fantastic events and achievements of our community over the last few months.

The Hunslet Club Sports Camps reach new heights

We are thrilled to announce an exciting series of sports trips for young people who attend our football and rugby activity camps during the school holidays, designed to inspire and engage them in various sports activities and expose our young members to new experiences.

These trips offer opportunities to explore new sports and activities, develop skills, and build teamwork and resilience. From football stadium tours, meet and greets with sports stars and trips to activity centres to encourage young people to try new things like bouldering and rock climbing. Our carefully curated trips ensure an enriching experience for all of our young people at an affordable price. Each trip is supervised by experienced coaches and mentors, ensuring a safe and supportive environment. These sports trips not only promote physical fitness but also encourage personal growth, confidence, and lasting friendships.

We kick started the May School Holidays with our Football Camp which was made up of one day of skills and drills at The Hunslet Club and a day trip to the Etihad Stadium. The trip offered an unparalleled experience for our young players. Set against the backdrop of Manchester City’s iconic home ground, our young footballers got to immerse themselves in top-tier facilities and explore the infamous stadium.

Beyond football, our camp instils values of teamwork, discipline, and sportsmanship. It’s a unique opportunity for aspiring young footballers to work on their football development at The Club and also have the chance to, along with their peers enjoy new experiences that will create lifelong memories.

Next came the Rugby Camp beginning with a dynamic day of skills and drills that sharpened our young players’ rugby prowess. The highlight came with a visit to Headingley Stadium the day after, where they watched the captains’ run and enjoyed a meet-and-greet with the Leeds Rhinos players. Followed by a bouldering session at The Climbing Lab Leeds. Bouldering is an excellent activity for young people as it promotes physical fitness, improves coordination, and builds strength. It enhances problem-solving skills and boosts confidence through overcoming challenges. It’s a fun and engaging way to stay active and learn new skills so it was a great new experience for our young rugby players.

We are so excited to be able to offer these experiences to ALL aspiring young sports enthusiasts from ages 6-12 from South Leeds and surrounding areas. To inspire and ignite passion and to have fun and enjoy sports and physical activity with likeminded young people.

As a charity we are dedicated to enriching and empowering our young players and giving them the skills and opportunities to thrive and achieve their full potential. Our sports camps are accessible and affordable to all young people despite financial circumstances. All funds raised through ticket sales go back into our charity to enable us to continue to help all young people in our area.

Burberry Inspires: The Hunslet Fashion Show must go on!

For 12 weeks the young Youth Club members at The Hunslet Club have been working tirelessly towards the success of its recent sustainable fashion project. A sustainable, youth led fashion initiative aimed at promoting eco-friendly fashion practices among young people. The project was split into 3 sections: Re-cycle, re-use and re-purpose, Channelling Creativity and Empowering Youth Voices. The project consisted of 12 weeks of fun and creativity, design work and empowering each other to use youth voices and challenging ourselves to change the world. The project culminated in a vibrant fashion show, where our young participants showcased their creations made from recycled and upcycled clothing and materials.

The fashion show, that went ahead on the evening of 10th June was almost cancelled due to a break in at The Hunslet Club at the weekend. The culprit gained entry to The Club and took numerous items from the art room, the base of the fashion project. A laptop was taken and garments that the young people have spent months designing, recycling and upcycling. The Club, who have served the South Leeds community for over 84 years were extremely disappointed that a member of the public would take from a charity whose sole purpose is to help people. Regardless of this set back the show went ahead with the young people sharing out their designs ensuring no member was left without something to showcase.

The show was a HUGE success. This project not only highlighted the creativity and talent of the club’s members but also raised awareness about the importance of sustainability in fashion. True resilience was shown after the young people wanted to go ahead with the Fashion Show despite items been missing.

“We’re thrilled with the outcome of this project,” said CEO of The Hunslet Club, Dennis Robbins. “Our young members have proven that fashion can be both stylish and sustainable. This project has empowered them to think creatively and act responsibly towards the environment.”

The Hunslet Club thanks all volunteers, sponsors including Burberry, The Style Attic, and community members who contributed time and energy to this initiative. Plans are already underway for future art projects that provide a safe space for young people in our community to thrive.

The Hunslet Club Football Gala

The Hunslet Club Junior Football Gala was a resounding success as always, bringing together young football enthusiasts from across the Yorkshire community. The event featured exciting non-competitive and competitive matches and fun family activities, creating a great atmosphere that celebrated the teams, sport and community. The gala provided a platform for young footballers to shine. Parents and supporters cheered enthusiastically, enhancing community spirit. The event not only highlighted the growing interest in football but also reinforced The Hunslet Club’s commitment to nurturing young talent and promoting healthy, active lifestyles.

Spotlights on Success: The Hunslet Emeralds

This month we shine a spotlight on success on The Hunslet Emeralds as they shine bright as champions, securing 2nd Place at the All Level Summer Championship, International Dance Competition.

The Hunslet Emeralds, The Hunslet Club’s dance squad, have made their mark on the international stage by securing second place at the All Worlds International Dance Competition held in Dusseldorf, Germany. This remarkable achievement highlights the team’s exceptional talent, dedication, and hard work.

The competition, which took place from June 20 to June 23, 2024, attracted dance groups from around Europe, each showcasing their unique styles and extraordinary abilities. The Hunslet Emeralds captivated the judges and audience alike with their vibrant performance, intricate choreography, and flawless execution.

“We are incredibly proud of our dancers,” said Jennie Baldwin-Baker, Operations Manager of The Hunslet Club. “Competing against some great dance groups and coming home with second place is a testament to their commitment, passion, and the countless hours they have invested in perfecting their routines.”

“This competition has been an incredible experience for all of us,” said Cherry Crosby, Head Coach for The Hunslet Emeralds. “The level of talent we witnessed was truly inspiring, and it was an honour to perform alongside such exceptional dancers and I’m so proud of our girls for giving it their all and representing The Hunslet Club and coming 2nd in their first international competition.”

The Hunslet Emeralds’ success in Dusseldorf is expected to inspire a new generation of dancers at The Hunslet Club. The group plans to continue pushing the boundaries of dance, with upcoming performances aimed at nurturing young talent and promoting the art of dance within the South Leeds community. We are currently looking for competitive dancers to join our squad. Please get in touch if you are interested.

For more information about The Hunslet Emeralds and their upcoming events, please visit or contact Chris Boyce, our Sports Manager on

We would like to shine light on our very own Brooke Mchale who dances and is one of our Junior Section Leaders for our Majorettes Troupe The Hunslet Solitaires. Brooke has been chosen to represent England in the 2025 world baton swirling championships in Turin, Italy. We are so proud of this achievement and wish Brooke the very best of luck performing on the world stage.

Club updates:

  1. Girls Football: Girls’ football at The Hunslet Club is experiencing remarkable growth. More young girls are joining our Club, eager to learn and excel in the sport. With dedicated coaching and a supportive environment, we’re nurturing their skills and passion for football. It’s not just about playing; it’s about empowerment, teamwork, and building confidence on and off the field. The enthusiasm is palpable as these girls embrace the game, making friends and most importantly having fun. At The Hunslet Club, girls’ football is more than a sport; it’s a thriving community where every player is encouraged to shine and succeed. Please see our timetable for the appropriate session for your age.
  2. It feels like summer at Youth Club: It feels like summer at Youth Club as we spend more time outdoors enjoying the good weather. We have exciting projects and partnerships coming up within Youth Club and can’t wait to let you all in on it. As the weather improves we are looking forward to spending more time outside.
  3. World Food Cookery Workshop: Our World Food Cookery Workshops that run during our Senior Youth Club session on Tuesdays 6.30-7.30. The World Food Cookery Workshop is proving popular, attracting new participants eager to explore international cuisines, enhance their culinary skills, and enjoy the rich flavours from around the globe whilst learning how to navigate a kitchen.
  4. The Hunslet Rogues Theatre Group: The Rogues have announced their end of year showcase will be, Mamma Mia! We can’t wait to see this one! Auditions, script writing and character development is well underway and the hard work has begun to bring The Hunslet Community another Christmas spectacular.

Upcoming Events:

  1. The Hunslet Club Summer Gala 13th July 12-5pm
  2. Paul McShane Testimonial Gala 14th July
  3. Summer School Holidays Activity Camp: Bookings are now open for our Summer School Holidays Activity Camp. 22nd July – 29th August
  4. Summer Holidays Rugby Camp:  Bookings are now open for our Summer School Holidays Rugby Camp. August 7-9
  5. Summer School Holidays Football Camp: Bookings are now open for our Summer School Holidays Football Camp August 19-21

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