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Hello, Hunslet Club Community!

Welcome to our January/ February newsletter, your go-to source for all things happening at the Hunslet Club. As we dive into the new month, let’s take a moment to reflect on the fantastic events and achievements of our community.

The Hunslet Emeralds are going international!

In June this year The Hunslet Emeralds, the competitive dance squad from our dance section, are competing on the National Stage in Germany representing The Hunslet Club and the wider South Leeds community.

The girls are a credit to The Club and community, they compete throughout the year and have proven very successful. Their victories, passion, and continuous commitment to the squad, each other and their training development and progression is inspirational to all the young dancers in our dance section.

The Summer All-Levels Championship will take place in Dusseldorf, Germany and this will be the first time our dance section will have travelled and competed in another country. It is an exciting time for our dance section and The Club as a whole.

How can you help?

We are asking for as much help as possible to get every girl on the trip no matter their financial status or caregivers’ situation. We are organising numerous fundraising events up until they depart such as bag packing in supermarkets, car washes, sponsored activities and we are also auctioning off memorabilia to raise funds to cover travel and accommodation costs.

We have set up a fundraising page as a plea to members of The Hunslet Club and our wider Hunslet and South Leeds community to spare as little or as much as possible to contribute to this cause.

At The Hunslet Club our priority is helping young people achieve their full potential. A prime example of this in action is this competition. Please dig deep and help The Hunslet Emeralds go International.

Project Shield – The Hunslet Club recognised for efforts in tackling serious youth violence

Project Shield is about enabling a more positive, hopeful conversation with young people and delivering a co-ordinated response to tackling serious youth violence and protecting young people in Leeds. The campaign has encouraged the community to work together to make the spaces for our children and young people safer.

February has been an intensification month of the #ProjectShield campaign and The Hunslet Club have been actively working alongside local organisations, West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council to make our city a safer place for our young members and wider community.

The Hunslet Club facilitated West Yorkshire Police in delivering sessions that intended to help parents and caregivers with how to approach important conversations surrounding youth violence and knife crime.  

As part of the delivery of #ProjectShield to our own young members of The Hunslet Club we held seminar style discussions with our day-time students who are a part of our Alternative Education provision and Senior and Junior youth club members. These seminars were run by PCSO Louise Rothery who specialises in youth violence.

We took some of our young members to visit the The Knife Angel, the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression, that was hosted by the Royal Armouries Museum as part of the campaign. With aims to send a powerful message and spark conversations about knife crime in the city. The initiative is primarily aimed at raising awareness of the issues around youth violence and knife crime while engaging with and educating young people about the risks to them and the impact on their communities, through a range of work by statutory and third sector partners.

It was a pleasure and honour for us at The Hunslet Club to receive a National Youth Anti-Violence Educational award in recognition of our positive impact upon Leeds, West Yorkshire. Addressing a national blight and the support provided in assisting the UK tour of the National Monument Against Violence & Aggression, the “Knife Angel”.

For our young people to reach their full potential, they require the basic need of safety and to belong to a community that is constantly advocating for that. We are proud to be fighting for a safer space for them to thrive in.

Launch of our FREE workshops

In January we launched our Youth Club Workshop programme in partnership with Department for Culture, Media and Sport and The National Lottery Community Fund. We are constantly revising and extending our timetable and offering to meet the needs and interests of our young people in any and every way we can to. We are offering numerous workshops such as knitting, Dj’ing and World Food Cookery sessions to name but a few. These workshops will be FREE, for all our young members who are in school year 8 and above, to attend. The workshops will run during our Senior Youth Club sessions so there is an option to participate in Senior Youth Club before and after the workshop sessions and make use of our excellent facilities such as our open-access gym, gaming room, hair and beauty salon and more.  

These workshops have been introduced to encourage our young members and new members alike, to learn new skills. We know it is crucial for young people’s personal and professional growth to try new things. Partaking in our workshops will broaden their knowledge base, enhance problem-solving abilities, and boost their confidence. Acquiring new skills opens doors to new opportunities, both academically and in the job market.

Investing in self-improvement and skill development through our workshops equips young people with the tools they need to succeed in today’s dynamic and competitive environment. We can’t wait to share the success stories. Watch this space.

Spotlight on Success:

This month, we shine the spotlight on our Rugby section Hunslet ARLFC, their tremendous achievements and the opportunities they have provided for our young members at The Club.

The success of Hunslet ARLFC stands as a testament to the clubs unwavering dedication, resilience, and passion for rugby league. With a rich history spanning decades, Hunslet ARLFC has established itself as a powerhouse in the sport in their first year as Hunslet ARLFC after the merger of Hunslet Club Parkside and Hunslet Warriors, consistently achieving remarkable feats on and off the field.

At the heart of Hunslet ARLFC’s success is its strong sense of community. The club’s commitment, teamwork, and instilling values of sportsmanship and integrity has laid the foundation for numerous triumphs.

Through the tireless efforts of coaches, volunteers, players and supporters, Hunslet ARLFC have seen huge success and within the clubs first year performing under Hunslet ARLFC. The first team won the National Premier Division League Leaders Shield and were crowned National Grand Final Champions. They also won the Open Age BARLA Cup and are travelled to Wakefield Trinity in round 4 of the BetFred Challenge Cup.

The Club’s impact extends beyond the confines of the rugby field as we saw record numbers of young people in our Half Term Rugby Camp this February. Inspired by Hunslet ARLFC’s success, the Rugby Camp which was made up of 30 young Hunslet members aged 6-12, spent 2 days immersing themselves in the world of rugby league. Some learning how to pass and kick for the first time and others building on skills they already have. We are excited about the future and growth of our Rugby Camps with big plans in the pipeline to include trips and meet and greets with Rugby League professionals to inspire our young members. We are proud of Hunslet ARLFC and the impact their success and hard work is having on our young members.

Leeds Rhinos Foundation along with two of Leeds Rhinos first team players Corey Johnson and Mik Oledzki visited The Hunslet Club in January to meet our young members and aspiring rugby league players. Our young members asked Corey and Mik some great questions during a Q&A, our favourite piece of advice from Corey Johnson was:

‘Make sure you make the most of the sport whilst you are young. You’ll never love the sport as much as you do when you’re playing it as a kid with your mates’

A message that truly aligns with The Hunslet Club ethos. We are thankful for a great relationship with our local professional Rugby League Club, Leeds Rhinos and hope to continue to work together.

To celebrate the success of Hunslet ARLFC’s first, second and third teams were invited to Leeds Rhinos first match of the season at Headingley Stadium to carry their trophies out of the players tunnel. Our junior teams played at half time on the pitch, this was a great experience for our everyone involved, especially our young members and fans as they got to see Hunslet ARLFC hard work celebrated on a professional stage. Inspiring the next generation to follow in the footsteps of their club and strive for greatness and reaching their full potential.

As Hunslet ARLFC continues to build on its legacy of success, it remains a source of pride and inspiration for players, supporters, and young people alike. With each triumph, the club reinforces its position as a beacon of sporting excellence in our community. We can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Club updates:

  1. Activity Sessions: Our Activity Sessions continue to thrive. We offer a diverse range of activities including sports such as Football, Rugby League, and Boxing. And activities such as Dance, Drama, and Gymnastics. There is something for everyone to enjoy and excel in and we are constantly expanding our timetable. Our toddler groups are seeing record numbers, this is something we are extremely proud of.
  2. Youth Club: Watch this space for bigger and better things as we aim to grow the number of Youth Club members.  We are on a mission to get the word out about how amazing not only our facilities are but how great our staff are. We have exciting projects and partnerships coming up within Youth Club and can’t wait to let you all in on it. Our youth led groups – Youth Volunteer Group and our Youth Ambassador group are both in action and working to improve our Youth Club every week to enable us to make sure we are meeting the needs of our young people.
  3. Monday Evening Project: Our ‘Monday Evening Project’ students are coming to the end of their year long courses in Catering, Mechanics, Art and Construction. They are on track to earn a Level 1 qualification in their subject to add to their CV and make their college/job applications stand out. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to see what they do next. We will be taking applications for next term soon so please watch this space to see how The Hunslet Club can support your child in achieving their full potential. The Monday Evening Project is sponsored by Tony and Dot Geldart, as a Club we would like to thank them for their continued support.

Upcoming Events:

  1. Annual Easter Party: Join us on Sunday, March 31st, for a fun-filled family with an Egg hunt, Easter bonnet parade, games, face painting, and more. Bring your family and friends along, it’s always a fantastic celebration of the Easter period.
  2. April Easter Holiday Activity Camp: Bookings are now open for our April Activity Camp.
  3. April Easter Holiday Rugby Camp:  Bookings are now open for our April Rugby Activity Camp.
  4. April Easter Holiday Football Camp: Bookings are now open for our April Football  Activity Camp.

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Follow this link to donate any amount small or large to our registered charity. We rely on the kindness of donations to be able to help every young person that we encounter at The Club, reach their full potential.

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As always a huge THANK YOU for your continued support and participation. Together, we’re building a happier, healthier, and more connected community here at the Hunslet Club. We wouldn’t be us, without you!

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