The Hunslet Club News Letter

Welcome to The Hunslet Club News Letter! This is our new way to document everything we do and achieve here at the club. This will be published at the end of each month and will have a summary of everything Hunslet Club. As this is the first edition, the following post will be wrapping up everything we have achieved from mid-September to now. make sure you catch the next one at the end of October!

Where do we begin?

Let’s start with The launch of our Monday Evening Project! On September 13th we started this years Monday Evening Project. We do this every year. It allows local young people a place to gain new skills in their chosen area. This happens every Monday evening and reaches completion in April 2022. Upon completion students are awarded a level one qualification which can guide them into the workplace, further education or an apprenticeship. Students are now taking part in catering, construction and hair and beauty.

So far, our students have gotten off to a fantastic start. They are engaged in the lessons which are mostly practical and hands on. We couldn’t be happier with the young people who have joined us this year. Not only are they successfully demonstrating the heights of their full potential but some fantastic personalities are shining through while they are learning, socialising and having fun.

Our Girls Under 16s Rugby Team!

Our girls rugby team only came into full force at the beginning of September, and what a brilliant team they are. Watching them train together you can see that in true Hunslet Club style, they are like a big family andthere are so many of them! Their sessions consist of training with our fantastic new coach Frankie, playing some seriously competitive full contact rugby, and having fun with friends. They also regularly visit our youth club where they are more than welcome to use the gym for free.

As a fairly new team, we are looking forward to see what their future brings. We know they are going play some great games in the coming year!

Ruby: Our Cheer dance Champion!

At the end of September, our super talented youth pom dancer, Ruby, auditioned to represent England in the Cheer-leading championships. Of course, we knew she could do it. We are so pleased that now Ruby is on her way to representing our club and country in America next year!

Ruby’s journey has consisted of constant focus, hard work and going the extra mile. Her determination and will to continuously progress inspires those around her and we couldn’t be prouder to say that she is a member of our club. Good luck champ you are going to smash it!

An Evening With John Fury

On Friday the 8th of October, the one and only John Fury completed his ‘Truth Tour’ here at the club. It was an absolute honour to have John provide a night of brilliant entertainment along with his team from Gold-star promotions. The event was completely sold out and better than we ever could have imagined. There was a range of shows and presentations throughout the night including a comedy set by Bill Wooland, an auction with some of the best boxing memorabilia you can find and an interview with our own England rugby Legend, OBE Jason Robinson. All of this was accompanied by a hog roast feast provided by our good friends at Bennett’s Butchers which definitely did not disappoint.

When John came onto the top table to do his talk and interview, the atmosphere was buzzing. He spoke on a series of topics including, his life, family, inspirational stories, mental health and much more. As he spoke, there were a wide range of reactions from the audience as the topics jumped from comedic to serious, creating an overall highly engaging piece. During his interview he also took questions from the audience which brought him closer to everyone involved. This was a fantastic opportunity for our club. To have another sporting legend speak in our hall was surreal. Moreover, it was also a great fundraiser. Events like this allow us to keep giving back to the community.

We want to say a big thank you form everyone here at the club. Not only to everyone who performed over the night but also those who attended and showed their support.


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